We help founders build transformational AI companies
Founders First
Founders supporting founders
We have been tech founders before, and we understand what it takes to start with an idea and build a transformative company.
Early Stage
Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A
Our team specializes in helping your company take off, providing hands-on product, marketing, sales, and talent support. When you join the Gradient portfolio, we work closely with you and your management team on identifying the best ways we can support you.
Building your company from the ground up
We like rolling up our sleeves. Whether it’s through multi-day deep dives, technical analysis, executive coaching, recruiting, or whatever else it takes - we are here to help.
A community of fellow builders, strategists, and visionaries
We care about our community. We host regular events for founders and their leads, facilitate mentorship and collaboration across the portfolio, and foster an active online community.
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