Talent Principal

Palo Alto, CA, USA


About the job

Gradient Ventures is a return on investment-focused venture fund. Our sole mission is to support the most talented founders building AI-powered companies. We have been tech founders before, and we understand what it takes to start with an idea and build a transformative company. Talent is a key ingredient in a company’s success and helping companies get the right team members at the right time is invaluable.

As the Talent Principal, you will lead all facets of the talent function at Gradient Ventures. You will play a key supporting role in Gradient decisions and operations internally as well as be the positive external face for Gradient as a speaker at industry events.


  • Assess talent needs across Gradient’s portfolio companies, understand the specific nuances and culture of each organization, and in collaboration with the entrepreneurs, drive outcomes that change the trajectory of a company.
  • Leverage your knowledge of human resources/talent, operations, and venture capital/private equity space to drive excellent team outcomes within the portfolio companies.
  • Lead community engagement initiatives and events for Gradient portfolio companies.

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • 7 years of experience in executive search or executive talent acquisition.
  • Experience working with venture-backed startups in a talent acquisition, organizational design, business consulting, or coaching and development environment.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with effective collaboration with Human Resources and broader staffing organization, with the ability to think globally, strategically, and objectively.
  • Experience in technical hiring within engineering, product, and/or data.
  • Ability to become a trusted advisor to customers and influence stakeholders, with experience solving complex challenges and delivering solutions.
  • Ability to translate data into actionable insights, strategies, and plans.
  • Ability to take initiative and build productive relationships.
  • Excellent communication skills.
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