We help founders build transformational AI companies

Founder First

Gradient Ventures is an ROI fund focused on supporting the most talented founders building AI-powered companies. We have been tech founders before, and we understand what it takes to start with an idea and build a transformative company.


While artificial intelligence has been around for a long time, most AI companies are just getting started, which is why we primarily invest in early-stage rounds.

Deep Technical Expertise

We provide our portfolio companies with access to domain experts in the fields of AI from systems and applied AI to deep learning and machine learning techniques. These senior engineers and product specialists are part of our Startup Rotation Program, which is designed to supercharge development teams and help companies move fast. From helping companies find and incorporate clean datasets, build scalable analyses and techniques, and deliver production models to market, we will help accelerate your progress.


Given the focus of our fund, we’re committed to helping develop the broader AI community. From meetups to educational events, and from office hours to fireside chats, companies can leverage our strong network of entrepreneurs, engineers, and advisors to grow and learn from each other.