Our companies are shaping the future

Augmented reality, applied AI models, software for drones, and deep learning are just the beginning. Our companies are shaping the future using artificial intelligence.

Algorithmia’s AI Layer manages the machine learning lifecycle and automates the deployment of machine learning models at scale.
AllyO is intelligently automating the end-to-end recruiting workflow for both applicants and hiring teams through its AI recruiter called Ally.
BenchSci accelerates biomedical discoveries by using AI to decode published research.
Botkeeper provides automated bookkeeping support to businesses by using a powerful combination of skilled accountants alongside machine learning and AI.
Canvass Analytics is an AI-powered predictive analytics platform for Industrial Internet of Things.
Cape Aerial Telepresence™ provides the ability to effectively control a flying camera anywhere in the world in real-time.
Cogniac provides software to easily create and visually compose Convolutional Neural Network models.
Dyndrite's Accelerated Geometry Kernel (AGK) and Additive Toolkit combines to increase productivity and reduce processing time for the additive user or technician.
Elsa is a mobile app that uses AI and speech recognition technology to help language learners improve their English pronunciation.
Flyreel’s AI assisted underwriting creates a baseline for a better insurance experience across the lifecycle.
LabelBox is a software platform that makes it easy to create and manage labeled data, enabling rapid deployment of artificial intelligence applications.
Mojo Vision is rethinking how people receive and share information in a way that is immediate and relevant, without diverting their attention.
NumberAI is the AI-powered conversational commerce platform for Main Street.
OnScale accelerates research and development, reduces costs and helps engineers build a better future.
PullRequest is building a code quality platform, combining artificial intelligence with a marketplace of human experts.
Sapling is building a people management platform focused on empowering People Operations teams with connectivity, data and insights on their global workforce.
Scotty Labs is reinventing the driving experience.
Test.ai is pioneering AI-powered user scenario testing for mobile and web apps.
Ubiquity6 is using recent advancements in computer vision to build ubiquitous shared AR experiences.
Wise Systems is the first autonomous dispatch and routing software for high-performance delivery fleets
Zorroa extracts valuable insights and actionable intelligence from massive collections of visual assets including documents, images, and video.
Award recipients for the 2018 Gradient AI Fellows Program: Ali Selman Aydin, Aniruddh Iyengar, James Hazelden, Marco Monteiro, Rishabh Nijhawan, Saurav Kadavath, Srivatsav Pyda.
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