Darian Shirazi

General Partner

Darian is a General Partner at Gradient Ventures.

Prior to Gradient, Darian founded Radius, a leading B2B Customer Data Platform, serving as the company’s CEO for 7+ years. He grew the company to over one hundred employees, raised more than $100MM in venture capital from top tier firms, and served dozens of Fortune 500 customers. He is an early investor in many companies including Lyft, Udemy, Carbon Health, Palantir, and serves on the Board of Directors at Gigs, Contractbook, and Chili Piper, among others. He studied briefly at UC Berkeley, after working at Facebook as a Software Engineer reporting to Mark Zuckerberg, but dropped out after two years to work full-time on startups.

Darian lives in San Francisco with his wife, son, and two cats and enjoys skiing, kitesurfing, and Civilization VI.

Investments include
Chili Piper
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