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Jackie Eicholz

Public Relations
Jackie Eicholz profile photo

Jackie is a PR and communications specialist at Gradient Ventures.

Jackie is a seasoned public relations and communications specialist at Gradient Ventures. She’s built and led external communications strategies for stealth startups and high-profile public enterprises. At Gradient, Jackie works closely with portfolio companies on their key PR milestones, ensuring each company's story resonates with their intended audience.

Before joining Gradient, Jackie honed her skills at Highwire PR, working with a diverse set of clients. Her roster included SaaS companies like Amplitude, AppDynamics, and Motive, as well as consumer technology firms such as Calm, General Electric, and Level Home.

Prior to Highwire, Jackie worked at FortyThree, a boutique PR agency, where she worked closely with technology startups to elevate their public profiles. She graduated from the University of Oregon's School of Communication and Journalism with a degree in Advertising and a minor in English.

Outside of her professional life, Jackie's passions include playing pool, cooking, exploring the world of whiskey, listening to podcasts, live music, and rooting for the San Francisco Giants and Oregon Ducks.

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