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Katy Engle

Talent Partner

Katy is a Talent Partner at Gradient Ventures.

Katy works closely with founders on go-to-market hiring and executive recruiting, ensuring founders find the best people for their team at the right time. She loves getting in the weeds with founders and helping them expand their network of best-in-class talent.

Prior to Gradient, Katy worked as an executive recruiter at Carbon Partners and Swing Search, both boutique executive search firms. In these roles she worked closely with CEOs of early and growth-stage venture-backed technology startups on hiring the best go-to-market, product and growth talent for their teams.

Katy graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in Anthropology and a minor in Education.

Outside of work, Katy spends her time hiking with her dog, in her garden trying to grow vegetables, or exploring new cities and national parks.

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