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Siri Srinivas


Siri is a Partner at Gradient Ventures.

Siri focuses on Enterprise Software, SaaS applications, AI/ML, emerging tech among other areas.

Prior to Gradient Ventures, Siri spent six years as an investor at Draper Associates, an early stage investment firm where she led the firm's investments in Standard AI, Finmark, Lawyaw, Near Space Labs, Upliance and supported a number of the firm's later stage investments. Her career has spanned financial services and journalism -- she began her career as an engineer at JP Morgan Chase and spent a stint covering the Money beat as a Fellow at the Guardian US's New York City outpost. She learnt the ropes of venture capital at the startup FundersClub (YCS12). Siri has a bachelor's degree in Engineering from RVCE, Bangalore and an MA in Arts & Culture Journalism from Columbia University where she wrote a thesis on urban transformation, a pet subject of hers.

Outside of work, Siri is busy expanding her burgeoning collection of books, hosting dinner parties, and grudgingly debating politics.

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