Tiffany is on the operating team at Gradient Ventures, dedicated to the success of our portfolio companies. She previously spent two years on the investment team at Gradient.

Prior to joining Gradient, Tiffany was part of the core team at PwC New Ventures, where she helped incubate and launch new SaaS solutions as a product manager. While there, she also focused on evaluating emerging technologies, developing PwC’s startup engagement strategy, and assisting startups with business development efforts through PwC’s multi-year partnership with Techstars. Before joining the PwC New Ventures team, Tiffany helped establish PwC’s Capital Markets Advisory business, which provides investment banking-type independent advisory services to companies raising capital.

Early in her career, Tiffany was on the founding team of Pivt, an app to help people moving and on the move by connecting them with their extended network and like-minded individuals in their new city.

Tiffany graduated from the University of Florida with a BS in Business Administration-Finance with a minor in East Asian Languages and Literature-Chinese.

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